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Your Neighborhood Martial Arts Academy

Serving Nederland, Port Arthur, Groves, and surrounding communities.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has been teaching taekwondo, life skills, and self-defense lessons in Jefferson County since 1984.

Kids & Teen Martial Arts

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts provides two excellent programs for young martial artists. Many parents have observed remarkable transformations in their children after enrolling them in Tiger-Rock. They have reported that our lessons have helped their kids become more focused, disciplined, and well-behaved.

  • Tiger-Cubs Program for pre-k students ages 4 and 5
  • Juniors Program for elementary school students ages 6-11
  • Teens program for middle & high school students ages 11-15

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Adult Martial Arts

Are you looking for an activity that can help you burn calories and improve your physical fitness without going to the gym? Martial arts has been proven to enhance core muscle strength, cardiovascular health, endurance, and flexibility. You can also improve your muscle tone and appearance!

  • Lessons for ages 16 and up
  • Strength, conditioning, and cardio fitness
  • Burn calories, lose weight, and get in the best shape of your life!

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Self-Defense Training

Learn valuable techniques and gain new important skills with Tiger-Rock Martial Arts’ self-defense training, which is integrated into our martial arts program. Our real-world self-defense training equips you with the tools that you need to protect you and your loved ones in a unpredictable world.

  • Real-world self-defense techniques for men, women, and kids
  • Learn situational awareness, evasion techniques, and escape tactics
  • Learn how to use martial arts techniques as a tool to protect yourself

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Anti-Bullying Education

We taking bullying seriously at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. Bullying has the potential to lead to lifelong mental and emotional health concerns. Therefore, it is critical that anti-bullying education starts early. Help your child stand up to bullies with bullying awareness and bullying prevention education at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts.

  • Integrated into our kids and teen martial arts programs
  • Lessons on how to avoid conflict and to de-escalate tense situations
  • Life skills training that will build self-confidence and self-respect

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Incredible Programs

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts features four taekwondo programs for different age groups — the early childhood Tiger Cubs program, the Junior program for older kids, the Teens program for adolescents and teenagers, and the Adults program for students 16 years of age and over! Each program is designed to build on the cognitive and physical abilities of each age group.

Competitive Opportunities

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has an active competition cycle with three yearly tournaments held every fall, spring, and summer. Our tournaments bring together student competitors from across the region, state, and nation, respectively.

Dedicated Instructors

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has a wonderful, dedicated staff of Certified taekwondo Instructors that will help you achieve your martial arts goals. Many of our instructors train year-round and are always up-to-date on the latest training methods. Our instructors are dedicated to helping you become the best martial artist you can be.

Flexible Scheduling

Let Tiger Rock Martial Arts fit your lifestyle however you want it! Our flexible scheduling allows our students to take classes during the evening hours.

Great Atmosphere

Tiger Rock Martial Arts aims to provide the best atmosphere for our students to train and achieve their goals. You will be challenged, but you will have fun and learn a lot at the same time.


After you start taking classes at Tiger Rock Martial Arts, you will see a noticeable change in your lifestyle as you become more focused and disciplined. You will become physically sharper and notice an increase in your mental keenness.


Since 1984, Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Midcounty has had people from the Nederland, Groves, Port Arthur, Fannett, and Port Neches communities grow their character, strength, and discipline in the most challenging and rewarding martial arts program around.

We offer martial arts lessons to adults, teens, and kids in the Nederland TX, Port Arthur TX, Groves TX, Fannett TX, and Winnie TX areas.

Through our innovative martial arts instruction and fitness training centers on Tiger-Rock’s world class taekwondo system, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Midcounty physically and mentally challenges each student to not only be the best martial artist they can be, but the best person as well. We are more than just your neighborhood taekwondo academy — we are a place that will change you and your family’s life for the better!


A world-class training system, incredible instructors, competitive opportunities, and great locations are some of the reasons why you should join a Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Texas academy. We currently have thousands of students across the state and we’re adding more everyday.

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